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Enrico Natale    Chief Executive Officer

Enrico founded MORE Productions in 2009 and has worked for years as a Freelance Producer/Director. In 2012, Enrico produced and directed a suspenseful, award-winning short film titled, “Ticket to Hell”, which has earned Enrico recognition from around the globe after being accepted into over twenty-five film festivals and winning fifteen awards.

Enrico has produced over 17 feature films, including “Silver Skies” starring Alex Rocco (The Godfather) and world famous entertainer George Hamilton.

Most recently, Enrico wrote, produced, and directed “WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation” (starring Samm Levine and Debra Wilson).
Steve Sirkis    Chief Operating Officer

Steve began his career as an attorney in New York working in financial law. While he no longer practices law, his background allows him to structure, negotiate, and advise on contractual, legal, and financial aspects of feature films and television, from inception and funding to production and distribution.

Steve also excels at creative producing, and enjoys writing and directing as well. Steve is represented by William Morris Endeavor.

Erica Lynn Schmeck    Head of Production

Erica Lynn Schmeck is a Producer, Line Producer, and a member of the Director’s Guild of America as a Unit Production Manager. As a DGA UPM she recently completed the feature film ‘Silver Skies,’ directed by award winning Rosemary Rodriguez, starring Alex Rocco (The Godfather) and world famous entertainer George Hamilton. She also completed the Public Cable Emmy winning PSA for Ocean Park Community Center, produced by the DGA & Santa Monica CityTV.

Getting her start as a producer on indie feature films and transmedia series in Chicago, Erica continued to build her credits after her move to LA. She has recently Line Produced four feature films that are all currently in post production.

Branching out beyond feature films, Erica has had the opportunity to work with WEVR and Roger Avery to help create a virtual reality video game prototype for the Oculas Rift. Most recently she has been working in TV Main Production for Warner Bros.

Jeff Blum    Chief Technology Officer

Jeff’s experience and expertise spans both on and off screen. He’s been an actor his whole life and has numerous television and feature film credits. He’s produced dozens of web projects and has a passion for what the next generation of streaming television and film can look like.

He brings to MORE Productions a professional background in branding, marketing and web development. He loves hot sauce, tequila and the ninja turtles.

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the   Philosophy
Our Mission
MORE Productions works to entertain our audiences through a diverse range of original content, innovative storytelling, and by producing quality films at a more efficient cost.

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So what does that all really mean? Well, the entire idea behind our company and what drives us to each new project is the simple notion that we just want to MAKE MORE PRODUCTIONS. We love film and television. We love it as a form of art, a form of entertainment, and a form of education.

With every project we undertake we ask ourselves: How can we make this project unique to us and the vision we carry? Hollywood is full of production companies and filmmakers, so what can we do to stand out? To us, it’s simple. Let’s give each of our projects “MORE” quality. Let’s strive to tell “MORE” stories. Let’s pool our talents, our passions, and our love for it all to simply make MORE Productions.


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